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Mapacho (Nicotiana rustica)

Mapacho, ucuch, Aztec tobacco, (nicotiana rustica), is a rainforest plant in the Solanaceae family, with a long, sacred history to almost all of the indigenous people of North, Central and South America, and used in a many different preparations including drinks, snuffs, chews, lickable products, and of course, smoked. The effects come primarily from nicotine, but it also contains MAOIs. The Warao people of Venezuela have a particularly rich spirituality focused around hallucinogenic use of tobacco.


Tobacco is probably the most sacred and revered plant of the Americas, with cultivation sites in Mexico dating back to 1000-1400 bce.


Nicotiana benthamiana (tjuntiwari, muntju, tangungnu), Nicotiana gossei (ingulba, mingulba), and Nicotiana excelsior (pulandu, pulantu, balandu, pituri) are just a few of the sixteen species of tobacco native to Australia, with a long history of indigenous use.

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